Thursday, December 30, 2010

Why I Love the UPS Guy

Well, I don't actually love him, but he is one of my favorite people for delivering this:

Super cool or what? Woo hoo!!

It's quite the surreal experience to hold my book in my hands. Even though this is my third novel, fourth book, it's still so amazing. To physically hold my words, my thoughts, my story in my hands is just incredible. The box was even delivered during a snowstorm so it was just like Christmas for me.

Excuse me while I go do the happy dance!


Angela Felsted said...

I love the cover. It's beautiful.

Rebecca Talley said...

Thank you!

kbrebes said...

Congratulations, Rebecca! I received my confirmation of shipment yesterday. Can't wait for it to arrive!

Also, last night my daughter and I went to WalMart. The Kinect for X-Box had just been lowered in price from $200 to $150, so we bought it, along with a Zumba dance DVD. I can't wait to try it! Got a turkey for Secondzies, too!

Maggie said...

Oh my gosh. How exciting! Thanks for your comment and I am glad you enjoyed Gracie. I am doing a small blog tour in January, but you can post a review any time you'd like. Thank you so much and I look forward to reading your new book.