Monday, December 27, 2010

Second Christmas

My son and his wife have been living in Orlando, FL working for Disney World. One of the drawbacks of working during the fall semester of the college program is that they couldn't come home to celebrate Christmas. Fortunately, my daughter-in-law's family went to FL for Christmas so they were all together on Christmas day. They went to EPCOT, a totally cool place, that day, but for my son it wasn't the usual Christmas celebration so he was a little sad. I think it may even be possible he misses his mommy :).

Following the lead of Fellowship of the Rings with its second breakfast and so that we could all be together to celebrate Christmas, we decided to create a new holiday, "Second Christmas." We'll be picking up my son and daughter-in-law on Thursday from the airport and that night will be "Second Christmas Eve." We'll do our family traditions (again). The kids will all sleep in the same room that night (again) and will wake up early (again) on Friday morning so we can celebrate Christmas together. We'll spend all day Friday eating, listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas shows, and enjoying each other's company.

Now that we have older kids and will have new in-laws in coming years, my husband and I think we'll institute a new family tradition of Second Christmas so that the kids who can be with us for the 25th can celebrate and those who need to spend it with in-laws can come for the second celebration and then we can all be together. It's a win/win proposition because spending it with family is far more important to me than the actual date.

So, come the end of the week, I'll be cooking another big turkey dinner with all the fixin's, there will be a few more gifts under the tree, and we can do our family traditions with the whole family. We're all excited!


Sherrie said...

What an excellent idea and fun new tradition for your family. Enjoy!

kbrebes said...

That is VERY cool! I love it! I think we're going to have to have secondzies, too!

PS THANKS for following me! : )