Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Animal Kingdom

I loved visiting Animal Kingdom at Disney World. AK is kind of like a zoo, but so much more.

We saw the most adorable baby gorilla. I tried to get a better photo, but the mama wouldn't cooperate. It was so sweet to watch the mama cradle her baby to her chest and nurse it.

We also saw a baby giraffe and a baby elephant--so cute. We saw lots of animals on the safari ride. My favorite part of the safari ride was how peaceful it was watching the animals. It didn't feel like the rest of the amusement parks. I loved seeing the animals interact.

Of course, we also had to check out the cool roller coaster, Expedition Everest, that includes a scary yeti. You ride the roller coaster up to the top of the mountain (very high in the air I might add) and stop because supposedly the track has been destroyed by the yeti. Then the roller coaster goes backwards. In the dark. And it makes your stomach all flippy-floppy. Then you stop again and see a shadow of the yeti coming to destroy more of the track and then, whoosh, you're speeding down the tracks again. Super fun. One of my favorite rides for sure.

My boys loved the dinosaur ride. The girls thought it was scary. It's similar to the Indiana Jones ride in Disneyland in that you ride in a jeep-like vehicle that simulates rough terrain. You're looking for a dinosaur to take back to the lab and are trying to beat a meteor shower. It's pretty jerky and bumpy (not unlike driving down my long, dirt driveway), but it's fun. The best part is when the dinosaurs jump out at you and your daughters scream. It made me laugh. (Yes, those ducking are my older daughters).

We also saw an amazing Lion King show. Wow, those performers are talented. There were singers, gymnasts, dancers, and characters from Lion King. The "monkeys" did flips and all sorts of gymnastics and they also did some trapeze stunts. Very cool. Other guys danced while wearing stilts. And I'm talking serious dancing, not some pansy stepping from side to side, but incredible dance steps. The singing was beautiful, too. They also had a woman who was dressed as a bird and for part of the show she was lifted into the air by a rope and she "flew" above the stage doing dance moves. I was very impressed.

Animal Kingdom was awesome and we had a great time there.

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kbrebes said...

Congrats on having built such a beautiful family, Rebecca. I'm jealous! (Well, we're not supposed to covet, are we? I'm glad for you!) Merry Christmas!