Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wii Games for Christmas

We received Wii games for Christmas. I love doing Wii games with the family.

One of the games we received was Just Dance 2. Very fun game. Lots of new songs and much more difficult than the original game. We love it. I don't know all the songs, but I'm looking forward to playing it a lot.

We also now have Just Dance for Kids. I actually love this game. I know almost all of the songs, the dance steps aren't too difficult, but can be challenging, and it's just so much fun to play. My middle daughters love this game. 

My husband loves Beatles Rock Band. I really like this one because I recognize so many songs. I also think these songs are easier to sing than the ones on Rock Band because they're so familiar, at least to me. If only I were a singer . . . 

My sons really like Lego Rock Band. They know more songs and they love the Lego characters.

My husband gave me Zumba for the Wii. I've already tried a workout and it really works you. I love it. I can't wait to do it each day. I'm still learning about it, but I'm hoping I can become good enough to get all the moves. I'm excited about it.

But, my ultimate fav-o-rite is The Michael Jackson Experiment. Man, what a fun game. I love the songs. I love the choreography. I love the memories of dancing, back in the day, to Michael's songs. Yes, it is difficult, but so much fun, And my favorite song is Thriller. I remember the world premiere of that music video and I've always loved it. It is totally fun.Of course, it's a new way to market his music, but what better idea than to have a Michael Jackson, the king of pop and dance, dancing game.

We danced for over 5 hours on Christmas day. It's fun for the whole family and the dance games really give you a workout. .


kbrebes said...

I love to dance, too, and we DON'T have a Wii. These games sound terrific. I'm thinking it'd make a good secondzies family gift!

PS I read about everyone doing zumba, so I went in to buy it and accidentally got mambo! Must return it and get zumba for the Wii! : )

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

we got a Wii for Christmas! I haven't learned how to play it yet. I'm technologically impaired. but my kids love it!

Rebecca Talley said...

I don't know anything about mambo, but it sounds fun. And the Wii has been a great family gift. We love playing it.

I'm a little, maybe a lot, technologically challenged but I love doing the Wii. Super fun.

Michelle said...

Fun! I got Wii Fit Plus for Xmas, but the Zumba sounds fun! I'll have to go look for it.