Thursday, January 20, 2011

Book Signing Report

Left to right: Don Carey, Tristi Pinkston, Rebecca Talley, Daron Fraley

Last Saturday, Tristi Pinkston, Don Carey, Daron Fraley, and I had a book signing at The Book Table in Logan, UT. Super cool bookstore. I could've wandered through that store for hours. We had a lot of fun and even sold some books. We also visited other bookstores and libraries between Logan and Salt Lake and dropped off bookmarks. It was great to meet people and what's better than a bookstore for a group of authors? I had to control myself so I didn't buy all the books in the store. It was a successful and fun day!

Someone posted a very nice review of The Upside of Down on Amazon and over 200 people have added it to their shelves on Goodreads. Every time I look at the cover, it makes me want to have a newborn.

Thanks for all of the support!


Angela Felsted said...

Great Picture!

Kim Coates said...

I'm definitely planning on reading The Upside of Down. I got hooked with your online chapter! I'm adding to my goodreads list now!