Monday, January 31, 2011

American Idol Judges

I didn't watch AI last year, not even once. This year, I happened to find the first audition show by accident while I was folding clothes and I got sucked back in.

It's fascinating watching the auditions. Some of these people really can't sing, Why doesn't anyone tell them they can't sing? It's embarassing. I'm sure some of them purposely go to the auditions to be outrageous  knowing full well they can't sing, but I think some of them honestly believe they can sing. When the judges tell them no, they seem to be shocked. Some get so angry too. I don't want to laugh, but I can't help myself--does that make me a bad person? And then there are those who knock it out of the auditorium and create an orchestra just with teir voices. Amazing talent.

The judges are interesting this year. Randy Jackson has become the new Simon. He tells people they're bad and that they can't sing. He seems to have assumed this role because both Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are very nice.

Watching Steven Tyler flirt with girls young enough to be his granddaughters is a little sickening. I mean, the man is old. He reminds me of Johnny Depp on Pirates--he acts a little off-kilter. I admit, I never listend to Aerosmith. At Hollywood Studios in Florida, there's a ride calle Rockin' Rollercoaster--one of the best rollercoasters ever--and it is supposedly a limo ride to get backstage for an Aerosmith concert. There are posters of the group on the walls. They sure liked to dress up like women. And Steven Tyler looked a lot different back in the day. However, he's been in the business for decades so I think he knows what's what and he's a great addition as a judge.

Jennifer Lopez is also a great addtion. she's been in the business for years, she's a great singer herself, and she understands what it takes to be a pop star. She's been really nice, but she's also been honest.

I like this set of judges and I'm looking forward to this season of American Idol.

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Sherrie said...

I agree with you. I like the judges this year. At first I wasn't too sure about Steven Tyler, but as I watch so far I really like him. These judges are so much better than last years, Ellen DeGenerus! Thank goodness Idol got it right this season. Looking forward to watching it each week!