Monday, February 2, 2009

Jessica Simpson and Mom Jeans

Have you seen all the criticism of Jessica Simpson since she's gained some weight? It's ridiculous. Our society is so obsessed with weight and physical looks. Jessica Simpson is a beautiful woman, yet all the media can do is focus on her weight gain. It's especially ridiculous because even with her weight gain, she's still thinner than the majority of women in the US. What message does that send? Are those of us who wear more than a size 6 not worthy to live in our society?

Where's the emphasis on healthy eating or a healthy lifestyle? Why does thin equal healthy? The message the media sends to our teenage girls is that if they aren't skinny they're basically worthless (yes, I have teenage daughters and this does affect them even though I try really hard to counteract it). That couldn't be further from the truth.

All of us have gifts and talents to share no matter what size we are. We are all children of Heavenly Father and he loves each of us. Why can't we focus on what's inside of us instead of what's outside? Let's concentrate on developing compassion, unconditional love, faith, obedience, and those things that will lead us back to Heavenly Father. I really don't think he'll pull out a scale and ask us to stand on it on judgment day.

Yes, it's important to exercise and eat healthy just like we've been counseled. It's important to maintain a healthy weight--not an unrealistic weight--and to take care of our bodies. But, it's something completely different when we're consumed with our weight and/or physical appearance. We should do our best to get and stay in shape and eat good foods, but then we need to find joy in who we are and love ourselves no matter what the scale says.

And the mom jeans? Yep, I wear mom jeans and proud of it. Here's a little heads up on the whole mom jeans vs. hip huggers. Hip huggers don't look good on women and, in fact, look good on very few girls. Hip huggers create love handles and encourage belly fat to hang over the top of the pants. Not very attractive in my opinion. Give me mom jeans any day and let me keep my extra flesh inside my jeans instead of rolling over the top of them. I am more than my weight and more than my mom jeans. I am a daughter of God.

Jessica Simpson--you go, girl. You sing and perform and find joy in who you are. You look great. Don't let the media tell you any different.

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Lynn said...

I totally agree...and she's gotton a lot of press on it...could there be a Diet system that she hawks on TV in her future ??? I am sure of it !

Patty B. said...

Very well said! My thoughts, too.

La Mujer Loca said...

I'm not up on the Jessica Simpson hype going on, but I do hate the hip hugger jeans. You're right. They make even skinny girls look fat. Who designed them?

coffee said...

it's gotta be nice for her to relax from what's probably a ridiculously strict diet

Cindy Beck said...

It's time for the media to quit hyping the anorexic, and to praise young women for their abilities and not for their weight. (Hmm, wonder if we'll ever see that day?)

Thanks for an interesting post.

Karlene said...

Totally agree. I wear a size 10/12, and I think I'm skinny! Yea, me.

I love my mom jeans but my sister gave me some hand-me-down hip huggers and my girls go crazy with the compliments when I wear them, so there you go. I'll wear them, but I won't buy them.