Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Sears Saga Continues . . .

This is a follow-up to my Warning About Sears.

If you read that post, you know I haven't been thrilled with Sears. I've been trying to get our rototiller fixed so we'll be able to use it to get our garden spot ready.

We took the rototiller in for repair in November and were told that it'd be ready in December. MY husband checked in December--not ready. I called in January to check on it and was told the transmission was faulty and a new one had been ordered, twice. I was assured a technician would call with details. Good thing I didn't hold my breath . . . I'd be dead.

After going in circles through the automated phone system and calling the local repair center several times, including two days ago, I was finally contacted by a repairman today, after I called again.

The repairman goes on to tell me that he can't fix my rototiller because he's in one state and I live in a different state that's contracted by another repairman.

Tangent: My sister has had to deal with the other repairman. She had an upright freezer go out twice during the warranty period and now has a washer that has a faulty motor. The repairman has been rude to her, not shown up for appointments, hasn't called her, and has left her without her washer for a month (she has 10 kids so, luckily, they borrowed another washer because you can't go for a month without a washer with that many kids). She is flabbergasted with the way this repairman has acted and, as a result, I'm not at all interested in working with him.

Back to my story: So I told this repairman I wouldn't work with the other one contracted in my area and besides, the tiller is actually in the state where he's contracted. He then told me that a repair order hadn't even been activated on my rototiller. Excuse me? It's been sitting in the store since November, I've called several times and now there's no repair order?


So, again, beware of Sears. I, for one, will never purchase another item from Sears. I can't believe what we've had to go through to get this tiller fixed. And, somehow, it doesn't seem right that Sears not only has my money, it also has my tiller with no repair date in sight. Doesn't it seem like I should either have my money back or my rototiller?

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Patty B. said...

That is so frustrating! My husband would probably have picked it up from Sears and either brought it back home and fixed it himself, or taken it to another repair shop, after giving Sears a good piece of his mind! It's too bad companies like Sears don't have better customer service. I'm surprised they have any business at all, with their bad reputation. Thanks for your review.

Kara said...

Hope this saga comes to a peaceful end soon. :-)