Thursday, February 5, 2009

American Idol Recap

I was disappointed that David Osmond was cut last night. He took it very professionally. I liked his voice and thought he could've done well.

I was happy to see the guy from the oil fields go through to another round. I really like the 16 year-old-girl that was part of the Divas group. She has a beautiful voice and so much talent, especially for such a young girl.

I felt bad for Rose, the blond with dreads. She seemed so sad. I usually feel for the ones that get sent home because I'm sure it feels like the end of their dream--similar to how I felt when my first picture book was rejected (it was about dinosaurs and, boy, am I ever glad it was rejected).

I'd like to say I felt bad that bikini girl was sent home, but I didn't. Proof positive that an ugly attitude can make a beautiful girl unattractive. Perhaps, she'll find success in another area where that kind of attitude is acceptable. There's a difference between being confident and being arrogant.

I also didn't feel bad that the woman with bright red hair was cut after she was so rude to her group and afterwards cussed out the other girl in the group. I guess kindness is also a talent--some have it and some don't.

American Idol is about talent, not beauty. It's about commitment to a dream, not singing when it's convenient. It's about drive and ambition to improve your talent even when you're tired or sick. I love to watch these kids improve from week to week and I especially love to see them nail their songs. I get goose bumps (my daughter calls them cold pimples) when one of them really gets a song right. It's inspiring to watch them work so hard to achieve their dreams.

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Patty B. said...

We don't keep up with American Idol much, but I love to read your reviews - hilarious, and true!