Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Buy Books

Looking for a perfect Christmas gift for someone?

May I suggest buying a book?

Of course, I'd love it if you bought my book, but if my book doesn't appeal to you, buy another book. Reading seems to be a lost art. Kids are addicted to computer games and too many of them haven't fallen in love with books.

When I was in Denver last year, I found this amazing bookstore, The Tattered Cover. It's three stories high. I was paralyzed with excitement as I browsed all the sections.

Don't you just love the smell of books? Or how they feel in your hands when they're brand new? Or how the pages feel between your fingers? Isn't it great when you've read that last page and close the book? Don't you love finding a character you care about or a story that lingers with you long past the last page?

Books. Books. Books. Buy a book for someone you love.


ali said...

Hurray! Yay for books!!

I'm so jzzed this year because both my boys are reading ... one less than the other, but my one guy is devouring books as fast as I can ply him with them. He even put books in his top ten wish list! Wo!

I'll definitely be buying some books this year!

Lynn said...

Thanks for visiting my blog ! I am so impressed that a real author and avid reader would take the time to do so...I also love the smell of books and bookstores...it's a natural high for me, almost like breathing in fresh rocky mountain air !

Love your blog so it is now on my fav list !

Karlene said...

I absolutely positive agree! I get books for everyone for Christmas and birthdays. I think it's so, so important.

And for anyone in UT County, Utah, may I suggest shopping at Provident Book?