Friday, December 19, 2008

Bailout Barfs

So I'm not a big fan of the recent bailouts. Why are we bailing out the banks and the automakers? Is it a great idea that the government is going to own these companies and/or the retirement funds? Aren't we edging ever so much closer to communism (you know, when the government owns everything and then decides who gets what). Scary things are definitely happening.

But, the worst thing I've heard so far is that Planned Parenthood and other abortion suppliers want to be part of the government bailout. What does that mean? That even more of my tax dollars are going to allow people to end the lives of millions of innocent unborn babies. The idea makes me so sick, I feel like barfing.

I can't believe our society has degenerated to the point that abortion is not only approved, but even encouraged. Is it any wonder that our society is so violent and murderous when we don't even value the life of a baby? We live in a society that sees nothing wrong with killing unborn babies and now that society wants us to all pay for it.

As if bailing out companies that should've kept a better eye on their bottom lines wasn't bad enough . . .

Rant over.

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COOLWHIP said...

I agree, and I don't like it, but instead of the inner termoil I feel when I know I can't control those things, I remember, all I have control of. Me, my thoughts and actions, and as long as I govern myself virtuously, I will be well.