Friday, July 22, 2011

A Time Capsule from My Mom?

I'm on pins and needles . . . .

My mother was part of the first graduating class of San Marcos High School in Santa Barbara, CA in 1961. She was very active in her class. She was a cheerleader and a Homecoming princess. This weekend that class is celebrating its 50th year reunion. In addition to the regular reunion activities, they will be opening a time capsule.

My mother passed away in 1973 when I was a little girl. I never had the opportunity to really know her. I remember that she was beautiful, something I can see in photos. But, I never knew her personality. Was she funny? Compassionate? Kind? Silly at times? Strong? Sensitive? Did she believe in God? I honestly don't know.

Since my father had passed away in 1968, after my mother's death my sister and I lived with our maternal grandparents. I often asked my grandmother to tell me about my mother but her memories were more about surface things like how she wore her hair and what clothes she liked. Grandma never really shared much about what my mother was like inside, the kind of person she was. As a result I've yearned for information about my mom, wondering through the years if I'm anything like her.

This time capsule has me very intrigued. I wonder if my mother put anything in it. And, if she did, what she put in there. Will it give me a glimpse into her life? Into her personality? Will there be a letter? A photo? I'm so curious, almost ridiculously so, because I feel like after all of these years without her, I might have some communication from her. Of course, it wouldn't be to me because I was born a few years after the time capsule, but maybe she left something that will give me some insight into her.

I don't even know how I'll find out about the capsule. I have contacted a friend whose mom was one of my mother's friend and who is in charge of the reunion and I'm hoping she'll let me know if there's anything in the capsule from my mom. Until then, my mind is racing with all sorts of possibilities.

This is a family photo when I was about 6 months old.

My mother and me when I was about 7 weeks old.

Christmas. Grandma had a flocked tree with the same decorations for years and years.

We're in the backyard of our house close to the beach in Santa Barbara.

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Lolawid said...

Wow! You look a lot like your mom! I'm curious now about the time capsule! Keep us posted. Hugs!!