Monday, May 2, 2011

A Weekend of Gratitude

This last weekend we drove up to Provo to celebrate my son's birthday with him and to attend my daughter's choir concert. Preparing to travel is always a huge chore. I have to make sure all the clothes are clean, make sure the younger kids have enough underwear, make sure everyone brings church clothes and shoes, and make food to eat on the drive. I also like to clean the house so when we return it's to a nice clean house.

Friday I was pushed for time and had worked all day to pack and prepare for this trip. I wasn't very excited by the time we planned to leave because I was so tired and I was frustrated that my kids kept making messes instead of helping me get ready to go. I even considered cancelling the trip, but knew I'd regret that.

Saturday we celebrated my son's birthday from the moment we got up. I can't believe he's 24--wow! Time goes by so fast. I'm really glad we could celebrate with him and his wife because, for me, nothing is better or more important than being with my family.

My daughter sings with the Latter-day Celebration choir from the Institute at Utah Valley University. She has a beautiful voice, but in high school she had little confidence in her talent. Even though I tried to convince her of her talent it seemed that others' words held more weight than mine at the time. I was thrilled when she auditioned for this choir and made it in because, finally, she could believe in her talent. As I watched her perform at the Little Theater at the Salt Lake LDS Conference Center, I couldn't hold the tears back. The show itself was so uplifting with songs about the family. I've seen a bazillion productions, but most of them weren't spiritually nourishing as this one was. I could feel the Spirit as these college kids sang familiar hymns, Primary songs, and even some contemporary songs that all had to do with the family. They interspersed quotes from the general authorities and used a scripture that really hit me hard:

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." 3 John 1:4

This is so true for me. My greatest joy is to see my children living the gospel and to know that those who've left home continue to live the gospel, to attend the temple, and have the desire to teach their children the gospel.

I was very grateful to not only feel my testimony grow during this choir show, but to also see my daughter shine with such joy on stage. To finally see her share her talent without hesitation was an enormous gift to me. I am so glad we decided to attend her concert and take part in such an uplifting and inspiring event.

I am so thankful we could spend time with all of our kids this weekend and celebrate my son's birth. I remember it so vividly--the very first time I became a mother. I am so thankful that my son and his wife are working so hard to live the gospel and that family is so important to them. I'm also so thankful to see the man he's becoming.

My heart is very full from this weekend and I'm very thankful I didn't let frustration get in the way of enjoying such a wonderful weekend.


Angela Felsted said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend. Something about reading all this gratitude made me feel happy.

kbrebes said...

I understand your frustration with being tired and still busy cleaning to come home to a clean house, plus pack, and have others leave messes! I'm glad you didn't give in because we wouldn't have had this wonderful post to read about the inspirational blessings those mess-makers bring in the end! : )

Rebecca Talley said...

Thank you, Angela and Kathleen, for stopping by my blog and reading my post. It was a wonderful weekend and I'm glad I didn't miss out on it. Thanks for your kind comments.

Patty B. said...

It really does a mom's heart good to see her children living the gospel and learning. We have such fun when we all get together and it's like none of us ever want to leave.....until there's nothing left in the refrigerator!