Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scotty was "In It to Win It"

Wow!! What a finale last night on American Idol. I've watched many of the seasons through the years and I have to say this year had the most talent I've ever seen. Fantastic season.

I remember watching Scotty McCreery on the audition show and being blown away with his deep voice. Even more, I was blown away by his genuine charm. He was one of my favorites from the very beginning and I loved watching his growth through the weeks. His performance skills have improved by leaps and bounds and it's been so fun to watch. He has such an incredible voice, and as impressive as that is, I was far more impressed by the young man himself. He was always so polite. He was never full of himself nor did he ever get mad. He was always composed and he seemed to be such a kind-hearted guy. He's so down-to-earth. When they announced his name, we all screamed with excitement. My older daughter is sure she should marry him. The most impressive thing: his big moment in the spotlight wasn't even about him. He thanked God and then went directly to hug his parents and those who'd been there for him. He hugged all the contestants (loved the exchange between Lauren and him). He could've hogged that moment for himself, but he chose to make it about those who'd helped him along the way. Great kid--I hope fame doesn't ruin him like it has so many others (Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, even David Archuleta, etc.). I expect to see great things from Scotty and hope he'll stay grounded.

Lauren Alaina was so cute! I would've been happy if she won as well. She was also an early favorite from her audition. She's also so genuine and when she sang that song to her mom on Tuesday I thought I'd pop. What a beautiful song and what a sweet performance. Lauren will go places for sure. She'll be right up there with Carrie Underwood in no time. She's a beautiful girl with such an incredible talent and she's so much fun to watch on stage. I've loved watching her growth through the season and seeing her shine so many times. I knew it would come down to Scotty and Lauren. Secretly, I hope they start dating and end up getting married some years down the line. They perform together so well.

It was a fun show with all the finalists. They are all so talented. I loved seeing Pia again and hope she'll be successful--definitely the most shocking elimination this season.

Oh, I LOVED the performances with Carrie Underwood and Tim McGraw--I could listen to Tim McGraw in concert all night. He has such a gorgeous voice and his performance with Scotty was phenomenal. LOVED it!

Lady Gaga? Could've done without her. She's so strange and I don't like her music at all. She looked so weird in that outfit and I was glad it was on my DVR so I could skip her performance. The finalists opened with one of her songs but my older daughter fast-forwarded through it because she said the song was inappropriate. I don't think Lady Gaga is very talented and she's just so odd. I think Beyonce is beautiful but I don't care for her music at all. She can sure dance, though. I liked seeing Jennifer Lopez perform with her husband (I assume he's a Latin singer) and Steven Tyler, though he dresses like a woman, is a performer through and through. 

I'm excited to see where Scotty and Lauren go from here. I'll definitely buy their CDs.


Tina Scott, the writing artist said...

It was a good season with tons of talent. It surprised me to read a bunch of negative comments about American Idol on the Internet--how they should have improved it but didn't. I thought it was a great season.

Julie Nielsen said...

I agree with your comments Rebecca. I was so impressed by the youth of these contestants and how grounded in family they both were. I don't know if you caught the moment where they gave the Ford vehicles away? I love the grace and class of these two talented teenagers. I too appreciated Scotty and his humility. This was definitely a season to remember. :)