Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Parent Paydays

My daughter graduated from seminary on Saturday evening. This is my 4th graduate. I'm very proud of her for getting up on school days by 5:00 am to get ready and attend seminary at 6:00 am before going on to school and, sometimes, being at school for play rehearsal until 9:00 pm. She has never complained about going to seminary and I've been so impressed with her knowledge of the scriptures.

She spoke in the graduation ceremony. She shared a conversation we'd had about how I remembered the exact moment I received my testimony of Joseph Smith. She said in her talk, "I was like, come on, Mom, you really remember that after all these years?" Everyone laughed at her implication that I was too old to remember such an experience and then she went on to share her own experience of when she received her testimony of the Savior and it was an exact time. She then said, "So, yes, Mom, I can now say that I remember exactly when I received my testimony of the Savior and I will never forget that moment." She then bore a strong and powerful testimony of the gospel which made my eyes leak. A parent payday for sure.

Last night my eighth grader did her Life Presentation to "graduate" from middle school. Eighth graders present their lives to their teachers, family members, and any special people they invite. My daughter's presentation began with her family. She made a slide show, set to music, with lots of photos from the family, including our trip to Disney World in December. The slide show then included photos of the temple,  the 13th Article of Faith and the Young Women's theme, and then photos of the Savior. Her slide show concluded with photos of her friends, which included her siblings, her cousins, and some girls from church. It made me all teary to see her presentation. I had not previewed it nor did I have any idea what she'd present and it made me feel so happy inside to see what's important to her. A definite parent payday.

Every once in a while we get those amazing parent paydays and when we do, it's wonderful and it makes me so grateful that I have such an incredible family and I feel so very blessed to have these people in my life.

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