Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eclipse Contest

Karlene Browning at Inksplasher is featuring a Countdown to Eclipse contest and today I'm the sponsor. You have to answer this question:

What is unique about my youngest son?

If you know the answer go to http://inksplasher.blogspot.com/2010/05/chasing-twilight-sponsor-question-june.html and leave the answer in the comment section. You can also answer other questions--the more you answer the better chance you have to win the grand prize: a basket full of Twilight-themed goodies. And each day you can win a prize. If you win today, you can choose a copy of Heaven Scent or Altared Plans.

You can also leave the answer here in my comment section and I'll forward them to Karlene, if that's easier.

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day yesterday. We drove up into the mountains, 10,000 feet elevation, and fished at a lake. We didn't catch any fish and I spent most of the time running after my four-year-old, but I was struck with the incredible beauty that surrounded me. Snow-capped mountains, pristine lake, evergreen trees, green meadows. What a gorgeous place and how blessed we are that Heavenly Father has seen fit to allow us to live in such a beautiful world.


brendajean said...

He was born with an extra chromosome. I loved the video- it was beautiful and touched my heart :)

Anonymous said...

I Know, I know..... He is the cuteset boy ever! who happens to have downs.

Heather Peine

Karlene said...

Thanks for supporting the Chasing Twilight Contest, Rebecca. This should be lots of fun. :)

Anonymous said...

He has downsyndrome. Cute cute video.