Monday, June 7, 2010

Fishing Trip

Saturday we took our kids fishing. I'm bummed that I forgot the camera because it was a momentous occassion--we actually caught fish.

We've been on numerous fishing trips and come home empty-handed each time. It isn't easy taking a bunch of kids fishing, especially young ones who have a two-minute attention span. Generally, someone has to keep track of/chase after the little kids so the olders ones can fish.

The upside of all of our fishing trips has been the gorgeous scenery--mountain lakes surrounded by pines and snow-capped peaks. It's truly breathtaking. I've often wished I had my computer with me because I feel so inspired when I'm surrounded by such incredible beauty. I also wonder how the celestial kingdom could be any more beautiful than some of these places we've been fishing.

However, even the natural beauty doesn't outweigh hours on end of waiting to catch a fish and then having to come home without anything. But, that changed on Saturday and I've never seen my kids so excited. My nine-year-old was the first  to catch a fish and his smile stretched across his whole face. He wasn't even sure how to reel it in, but he was thrilled. When he caught another fish, he was Mr. Expert at it.

Each of the kids caught a fish. I even caught one--first time in too many years to remember. I was way too much of a pansy to stick my finger in the fish's mouth to unhook it--glad my husband was willing to do that and the whole gutting part--gross. Some of the kids helped him gut them. Not me. No thanks.

My youngest liked reeling in the line as fast as we cast it out for him. And, his greatest enjoyment came from taking off his shoes and socks and throwing them into the water. I was sure I'd end up soaking wet trying to retireve them, but luckily I didn't.

We came home and ate our catch and even my fussiest daughter who hates fish said they tasted really good. Nothing like a fresh catch.

So, yes, we had a successful fishing trip and the only thing I regret is not having my camera to document it all.

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