Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Real Grandma

My husband's grandmother, Vera Adams Hunt, passed away last week. She was a month shy of turning 93. We attended her funeral service on Monday in Thatcher, AZ. It was a celebration of her life. She was such an amazing woman who fiercely loved her family. She was always in the service of others, looking for ways to help those around her. She made so many quilts. I cherish the quilts she made for my kids.

Every time we visited her, she was so excited to see us. She'd pull out toys for the kids and then visit with us. She loved to laugh and had a fun sense of humor. One time, we were all together for a family event and I was using my video camera to record my mother-in-law and her sisters. As soon as they realized the camera was recording them, they promptly turned around and faced away from me. Grandma Hunt said, "Now turn back around. Your faces are prettier than your butts." I laughed and laughed.

Her youngest daughter shared Grandma Hunt's life story. She quoted one of the grandkids who said, "Grandma was a real grandma, not a pretend one." Grandma Hunt loved her family and enjoyed her grandkids and her great-grandkids. Her joy came from her family and it showed in all she did.

She has a large posterity who all love her. We'll miss her, but we're all happy she could finally go to the other side to be with her husband who passed away 9 years ago. She'd told him before he died that he was to come right away for her and not leave in mortality for very long. We all joked that as soon as she crossed through the veil, she gave him an earful for leaving her in mortality for 9 years.

I love Grandma Hunt. She taught me a lot by her example. I learned from her that one woman can make a huge difference. Because of her choices and example, many have served missions, been married in the temple, served in callings, and chosen to live the gospel. She didn't accomplish this by making a big mark in the world, she did it quietly by loving her family and serving them. Now, each of us can have a similar impact on our families, which can then be tied back to Grandma Hunt.

She is the epitome of, "The most important work you'll ever do will be within the walls of your own home." I can't remember who said that, but Grandma Hunt lived it. I hope that I can be fraction of the woman she was and that my children and grandchildren will say of me that I was a real mom and grandma, not a pretend one.

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Nichole Giles said...

What a great lady. Thanks for sharing. Sorry for your loss.