Monday, May 31, 2010

Eclipse Countdown Contest

Karlene Browning over at Inksplasher is sponsoring a super cool contest with lots of great prizes as she takes a virtual road trip to Forks, Washington to countdown to the premiere of Eclipse. I'm sponsoring one of the days so be sure to check back here tomorrow to answer my question. (It'll be easy, especially if you've followed my blog).

To find out more about the contest
To find out about the super cool prizes

Prizes include: Jewelry, framed photos of characters, books, perfume, and the grand prize: a basket full of Twilight  themed gifts.

Go to Inksplasher to find out more! Be sure to come back here tomorrow to find out my question and have a chance to win a copy of  Heaven Scent or Altared Plans.

Now, I'm on my way to go fishing--or should I say, chase my 4-year-old around while the other kids attempt to catch fish (we have yet to catch fish on any of our many fishing trips).

Happy Memorial Day!

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