Monday, April 19, 2010

Announcing . . .

My daughter is engaged. Woo hoo!! They plan to be sealed in the Manti Temple in August. We're all very excited. We love her fiance. He's such a good kid--strong testimony, hard worker, kind, fun, treats her like a queen, exactly the kind of young man I wanted her to find. I'm thrilled for her!

I'm also a little sad that she'll leave the nucleus-stage of my family and enter the stage when she will  create her own. Yes, this is what I've raised her for. I want her to create her own eternal family. I want her to experience the joy of marriage and celebrate each life that they'll create for their own family. But, I didn't know the time would pass so fast or come so soon. I've spent the majority of my life focused on my husband and children. I enjoy them and love to be around them. We always have so much fun together.

I knew everything would change when my son got married--we'd add another daughter to our family and they'd begin their life together, but I'd already let him go to serve his mission. I'd already adjusted to his absence from the family for two years. I absolutely love his wife and I'm so glad he married her.

Now, it's time to let my daughter go to start the next stage of her life. I'm so happy for her. I know this is the right choice for her. I'm proud of her for waiting for the right kind of young man and for setting her goal to marry in the temple and sticking to it. I guess I just didn't think it'd happen so fast.

I'm thinking I'll have a full and busy summer ahead of me, but it's all good. I'm excited to go dress shopping, though I'm sure I may shed a few tears.


Rebecca Irvine said...

How exciting! Congratulations!

Lourie said...

Awesome! Congratulations to her!

Lisa said...

Congratulations to your daughter! Guess what? My daughter is getting married in August too. We just went dress shopping. It hit me- finally that she's really moving forward with her life. It was a big moment for the both of us.