Friday, March 28, 2008

Kids = Injuries

Last month one of my teenage daughters performed in a community musical. Just prior to the performance my husband and I attended, my daughter was playing around backstage with one of her friends. He tickled her and in her attempt to get away from him, she conked her nose on a sink. As we entered the theater for the performance, one of the directors told us what had happened and that our daughter was okay and wanted to perform. We sat in the back row and when she came on stage my husband said, "Wow, her nose is huge." All I could think about was The Brady Bunch episode when Marcia steps out of the house only to get nailed in the face by a football. Marcia's nose was enormous and so was my daughter's.

Two doctor visits later confirmed that she'd broken her nose. Of course, you don't really wear a cast on your nose so we had to wait for the swelling to go down, and to see how it healed before we could determine the next step.

Today she underwent surgery to correct her nose and, thankfully, all went well. She is now bandaged and showing signs of bruising and swelling. It has been quite the experience. (Note to self: Don't let said daughter be in a play with said friend if there is a sink nearby).

Since it's spring break, my kids have all been enjoying the outdoors. One of my other daughters was jumping on the trampoline and even though we have a safety net, she found a way to land, bottom first, on the metal rim. When she was telling my husband about it he said, "You must've broken your bottom."

She looked at him and said, "I did?"

"Do you know how I can tell?" he asked.


"Because I can see the crack from here."

We all cracked up (I mean, laughed). Okay, so it's a little coarse, but is my husband funny or what?

So it's been Talley Hospital lately. I guess that's what happens when you have kids :).


ali cross said...

ROFL Rebecca! That, umm, cracked me up too! Funny stuff.

Sorry to hear about your other daughter though with the broken nose. Owie!

I love the picture on your sidebar there - you in the pink shirt? It's really pretty. YOU are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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Julie Wright said...

love the joke. My husband would say something like that too. Guys are so endearing. Sorry about the hospital time you've been doing. That's never a fun place for a mom.