Monday, January 9, 2012

Making Memories: Ridiculous Gingerbread Village

Christmas was fantastic. I had the very best present ever: all of my kids were home to celebrate Christmas with me. My whole family! It was wonderful. We had a great time hanging out, playing on the Wii (LOVE Just Dance), watching movies, eating lots and lots of yummy food, eating even more popcorn, going Christmas caroling, baking cookies, and making the most ridiculous gingerbread village. In. The. World.

I envisioned a cute little town scene with houses made of graham crackers (I may be a Domestic Goddess, but making enough gingerbread for an entire village was beyond my call of duty I decided) decorated with frosting and hard candies. I even got ice cream cones so they could make cute little trees, animal crackers, and plenty of colorful frosting.  What I got was a Jedi Temple where Anakin killed all the younglings, a car that ran over and squished (with lots of red frosting) an animal cracker, and an animal cracker massacre. Yes, I do have boys. So much for my sweet little festive Christmas village.

I loved the two weeks off from school, seminary, rehearsals, Scouts, and all of our regular commitments. Sometimes, I think we do run faster than we are able and it's nice to have a chance to slow down, enjoy doing nothing, and make some fun memories (even if there was far too much red frosting used for other purposes in my quiet little village).


Lolawid said...

That is hilarious!! Oh, the stuff that memories are made of...

Glad you had all your kids there!

J. said...

Why am I not surprised. Although that sounds like something even my husband would do :).