Saturday, December 24, 2011

School Christmas Program

Our elementary school likes to be politically correct. Our Christmas program is now the "holiday" program. In their effort to not offend anyone, they've actually offended the majority of community members by trying to take Christmas out of the holidays. Sure, we get a sign here or there but generally the program is very secular and many years it's had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Christmas.

This year I went to the dress rehearsal of the program. I noticed that my daughter was singing some song she'd made up about an Irish man and an American man because they were supposed to be representing St. Stephen's Day in Ireland. This holiday is actually religious but it was difficult to see that on stage. After the rehearsal my daughter came home and I talked to her about the song. We then decided she'd sing, "Silent Night," instead. She practiced all afternoon. (I still don't know why she was dressed up as an alligator).

After her performance many people, including her music teacher who had put the program together, complimented her. Her teacher said the song "touched her soul." I was so proud of her. The song was so sweet and, for a moment, reminded all of us about the true meaning of Christmas.

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kbrebes said...

Such a sweet performance! And great applause, too. Clearly the audience loved it!

Merry Christmas, Rebecca!