Friday, November 5, 2010

Things I've Learned from Nano

I've been doing Nano ( this week. Nano is the shortened version of National Novel Writing Month, because, well the official title is just too long. I'm not sure why I joined in. I certainly have enough to do without the added pressure of writing 50,000 words all in one month's time, especially a month with the kids home from school for a week and Thanksgiving, but, I decided to take the plunge because I need to finish this rough draft and let it sit for a month before I revise it in January--at least that's my plan.

I've learned a few things from my foray into Nano:

1. Writing is hard. Well, I didn't really learn that from Nano, I've known for a very long time that writing is hard, but this has definitely reinforced the fact.

2. Nano has forced me to write more than I would each day. Generally, I can write about 1000 words without batting an eyelash, but my goal for Nano is 2000 words a day to make up for the days I won't be writing. Even at that goal, I'll be pushing pretty hard at the end to fit in 50,000 total. But, it's been good for me to stick to it until I have over 2000 words.
3. I like writing slimy characters. They seem to come easy to me--not sure what that says about me. The more I write the main slime guy, the worse he gets, and the more I like it. I know what's going to happen at the end so maybe I just like making him so evil and nasty that when he get's what's coming, he'll really deserve it.
4. I love to write. Again, not a new revelation, but Nano has also reinforced this. I can't imagine not writing and I'm very grateful for a husband who supports me in my pursuit of this crazy writing thing.

I will have plenty of rewriting ahead of me as I add descriptions and fully flesh out the story. And, since it is a huge departure from books I've written in the past, I'm not sure there will even be a market for it. But, it's the story that haunts me right now, so even if it's never published, at least I can write it and get it out of my head.

Happy Nanoing!

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Karen evans (tyrca on twitter) said...

Thanks for writing all that down. I did NaNo last year to prove to myself that I could write a novel, and not just short fiction. This year, I'm writing to prove that I really do want to be a writer, with all the revising and hair pulling and negotiations with editors that go with it. Good luck on your goal!