Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nasty Politics

Why is it that polictics have to be so nasty? Why can't candidates just claim their views, stand firm, and stop slinging mud? Our "local" channels actually come from New Mexico so whenever a local channels is on, we hear about all the candidates running for office in NM. Can I just say how sick and tired I am of that governor's race? I don't even watch TV much, yet I feel overwhelmed by all the negative ads running, particularly in that race. I wouldn't vote for either of them based on the negative ads.

Why is it that people can't just discuss issues? Why do they resort to name-calling when it comes to a disagreement in politics? I think debate is healthy when it's done properly. We can learn from people's different points of of view when there is mutual respect, yet that is so hard to come by. In the community where my kids go to school (not my local community) there such a gap between beliefs. Instead of having an intelligent discussion, we have bashing and name-calling.

It is totally fine to disagree on issues, but it's not okay to be rude about it. I have friends who have completely different beliefs than I do, but we don't argue about them. They have every right to believe differently than I do and I will fight for their right to express their opinions.

Why is it that political discussions tend to get nasty so fast?


COOLWHIP said...

Yes, here in UT, they are mean and ugly. And most of them are LDS men/women. I don't even want to answer the phone in the months leading up to election, I was getting 3-4 phone calls a day, during dinner.

Monique said...

I agree! The sad truth is they do it because it works. So as a society we need to rise above it and make sure that mean spirited rudeness doesn't work. And not just on tv ads either.