Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dawn's Early Light by L.C. Lewis

This third volume of LC Lewis’s War of 1812 historical fiction epic, Free Men and Dreamers, covers the British offensive against Washington D.C.

Once Napoleon is subdued, and despite the commencement of peace negotiations, Britain unleashes her triumphant European conquerors on America. And their primary target? Washington.

While attentions turn to the defense of the Capital, mercenaries threaten the Winding Willows and White Oak plantations, forcing enemies to become allies, fighting side-by-side with freed slaves to defend their homes and families.

Mere miles away, the Capital’s defense now rests predominantly upon citizen soldiers and a most unlikely naval force—a rag-tag fleet called the Chesapeake flotilla—and the men who built it. But Britain’s house is also divided over the war, as the cost mounts in blood and money.

Experience the pain and passion of five families—American, slave and British—as they endure the three darkest days of American history—the week when Washington burned.

L.C. Lewis sent me a copy of her neweset book to review. While reading Dawn's Early Light, I was struck with the vast amount of knowledge the author has and how she wove that into the story so seamlessly. I love to read historical fiction because I can enjoy a fascinating story as well as "accidentally" learn important information. I learned many things about this time period and felt like I was experiencing it.

I liked that she included both sides, the American and the British, and how Lewis created a captivating story. I'm glad she included Joseph Smith and his family because it helped me to think about them in a different way.

I also found myself drawn to her amazing use of language. She introduced me to new words and images and much of her writing felt poetic.

I did have a hard time keeping track of all of the characters and was glad she included a "who's who" list for me to check. I did have to check back here and there to get back into the groove of particular threads.

This is a wonderful book, especially if you enjoy U.S. history. You can learn more about L.C. Lewis here and you can purchase a copy of Dawn's Early Light here.


Tina Scott, the writing artist said...

This sounds like a good book. Good job on the review.

tpmills said...

This IS a great book! You won't regret the purchase.

me and you plus two said...

This sounds like a book even my husband would enjoy. Hey I am having a baby soon so I have been completely involved in reading baby name books and such...did you know your last name means "Legendary hero." I thought that was cool. If I was one of your daughters I would totally name my son "Talley."