Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bomb Threat

Yesterday, my daughter was evacuated from the high school because of a bomb threat. A middle school, college, and courthouse were also evacuated and all the other schools in the district were placed on a soft lockdown.

An anonymous caller notified a 911 operator of the threat and said the bombs were set to go off within 4 hours. The school district, police department, sheriff's department, college, and other assorted agencies spent the afternoon sweeping the schools and courthouse. School was canceled and the courthouse was closed for the rest of the day. Each target was cleared by 4:00 in the afternoon.

It was a hoax. All of that manpower was a waste of time so someone could play a trick on the city. Kids' classes were disrupted, the college's finals were delayed, and parents experienced anxiety for several hours just so someone could get his kicks at everyone else's expense.

There's something wrong with that. Since when did a violent threat become funny? Since when did sending an entire city on a wild goose chase become enjoyable? This person needs to be caught and punished for all of the trauma he caused yesterday. He needs to be held accountable and pay restitution to all of the agencies that spent money because of his warped sense of humor.

I figured it was a hoax, but I'm very thankful the school district and community took it seriously enough to make sure my daughter was protected just in case.

I can only hope they apprehend this guy and prosecute him.


Em said...

i'll bet the kids loved it;-)

Lourie said...

Why are people so stupid??? I am with you. I hope they can find who did this.

Sue said...

That's really maddening. When the economy is hurting like it is, spending city or county money needlessly is just not funny.

Having said that, I'm glad it wasn't a real threat. Nothing like a little drama at Christmas time. Sheesh.