Monday, September 14, 2009

Random Thoughts after Stake Conference

We attended stake conference this last weekend. Elder Spencer J. Condie was our visiting General Authority. He's a great speaker and has some extremely funny stories. I really enjoyed his talks.

I always enjoy the evening session for the adults because I don't have to wrangle kids and can actually listen to the messages.

Our stake president is a very inspired man. He shared a story about when Elder Condie arrived for the conference and they had some time before the meetings began. Elder Condie wanted to make a visit to someone in the stake and our stake president thought for a moment. He felt like it was important to visit a previous stake president who'd been ill. While they were there visiting, he quietly passed away. That's inspiration.

We are also preparing for a new temple presidency so members of the current temple presidency spoke at our conference. One of the sisters, who I just love, shared some stories about how serving in the temple presidency has blessed their lives, including seeing their non-member son-in-law finally embrace the gospel and join the Church. She then shared a story about her daughter whose unborn child was diagnosed as having either Turner's syndrome or Down syndrome. She said they all prayed that the baby wouldn't be born with either one of these syndromes and when the baby was born she did not have either one. She related what a blessing that was for their family. Of course, I had a different reaction to that story.

I realize that no one wants to have a child with a genetic abnormality. We all want healthy babies and there's nothing wrong with that. But, wonderfully amazing blessings also await families of children who are born with Turner's syndrome or Down syndrome. I cannot begin to explain how my son has blessed my life in ways he could never have blessed it otherwise. I cannot begin to explain the closeness that our family feels to each other and to my youngest son. I cannot begin to explain how his birth was a testament to me of Heavenly Father's plan for each one of us.

Yes, the world will look at my son differently and, most likely, treat him differently. But, for all of his challenges in mortality none of them will keep him out of the celestial kingdom. Mine will. In the eternal scheme of things, he is not the one that has a disability, it is me.

This sister's comments reinforced my extreme gratitude for my son. I am in awe that Heavenly Father would entrust such a child as this to me. I am thankful every day that He sent my son to me and only hope I can be the mother He wants me to be.


Lourie said...

Thank you for this beautiful post.

Sherrie said...

Yes Thank You! Well Said. :)

marlajayne said...

Beautiful post. I'm thinking that perhaps these children have such pure spirits that their creator only sends them to the most choice of mothers.

Valerie Ipson said...

Very touching post, Rebecca.

Lisa said...

I loved reading this. Thanks

Shannon said...

It was great to read this. It was beutiful