Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Altared Plans, Chapter 1, Part 2

“Looks like the weather will cooperate,” her mom offered. Caitlyn recognized it as her mom’s usual attempt at peacemaking.

Caitlyn gazed out of the window of her parents’ silver Jaguar. “I sure miss California weather. I can’t wait until Justin and I both graduate and we can move back to Santa Barbara and start our family. We’ll have two boys and two girls.”

“Sounds like you have it all planned out,” her mom said. She laughed.


“Not everything goes as planned, you know. You may end up with all boys or all girls.”

“Four children? Do you have any idea how expensive it is to raise kids these days? Especially in Santa Barbara. You need to be realistic,” her dad said.

“Don’t worry. I have it all figured out. Justin thinks I’m obsessed with planning everything, but that’s just his way of saying he appreciates me taking charge.” Caitlyn nodded her head.

“Where will you work?” her father asked.

“Me? I’m not going to work. I plan to stay home and raise the kids.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“I want to be at home and take care of our house and the kids while Justin works and eventually takes over his dad’s business.”

“You’re going to waste your education raising kids?” her dad said.

Her mom cut in, “We’ll be at the temple in less than fifteen minutes. Robert, you charged the video camera and brought extra batteries for the digital camera, correct?”

“The batteries are in the camera bag.”

“I want to make sure we get plenty of footage. Maybe you can record them while Lindsay takes photos.”

“What about the photographer?” her dad asked.

“He’ll get plenty of shots, but I want my own, especially of the family and everyone who will be waiting outside the temple.”

Caitlyn’s parents continued to discuss taking pictures. She was grateful that her mom had sidetracked her dad. She laid her head back against the seat and shut her eyes. In a few hours, she’d start eternity with the guy she’d loved since high school.

“I can see the temple,” Lindsay said.

Caitlyn bent down so she could see the temple from Lindsay’s window. “I’ve always thought it looked a little out of place. I mean, L.A. is city everywhere, and all you can see is pavement and then, boom, the temple sitting on that big grassy hill. It looks so heavenly.”

She smoothed her hair again and took several breaths to calm her nerves as she gazed at the white building set against the clear blue sky. This was it.

They pulled into the parking lot and Caitlyn’s heart felt like it might jump out of her throat. Since the temple was only open this one day during Christmas break, she had to go through the endowment session right before her wedding ceremony. She worried it might be too overwhelming, but it was the only option if they wanted to be married before winter semester at BYU.

Caitlyn walked around to the back of the car and opened the trunk. She rummaged through the contents. “Mom, I can’t find my veil.”

Her mom stepped over to the car. “I thought you said everything was in there.”

“I put it in here. I’m sure of it. Where did it go?”
“Could it be in with your dress?”

Caitlyn unzipped the garment bag and searched through it. “I don’t see it.” Her face heated. Stress clamped down on her chest. “I can’t have pictures without my veil.”

“Calm down. We’ll figure it out.”

“How can it not be here? This will ruin my wedding.”

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Tamara Hart Heiner said...

since we know what's going to happen, it seems so ironic that she thinks not having the veil will ruin her wedding!

Lourie said...

It's like potato chips. You can't stop at just one!

Fiauna said...

LOVE IT! My interest is piqued.