Monday, August 10, 2009

My Weight Loss Goal

My name is Rebecca Talley and I'm a chocaholic.

I'm also an ice creamaholic.

In high school I was on the bigger side and was ridiculed for my "jello butt" (shhhh, don't tell my kids I just used the bu-word).

After my first baby, I dropped a lot of weight. I guess my metabolism changed when I started breastfeeding. I'd gain weight with each pregnancy and then it'd fall off after the birth until baby #8. I had to work at losing the weight after that birth. Baby #9 and the impending 40 age mark both seemed to do me in as far as weight. I never lost all the weight after #9, though I did lose the weight I gained with #10.

After #10 I still had the weight from #9 to lose and thought I would. I was sorely disappointed when I found that I had not only not lost the weight but had packed on 20 more lbs.

In January I decided to cut out chocolate, ice cream, Oreos, and other junk food and lost 8 lbs. But, then I drifted away from that resolve and gained 3 lbs back. In June, my oldest daughters and I decided to try the South Beach diet. On June 8 we started Phase I, also known as the strict phase. SB is essentially cutting out white sugar and white flour and replacing them with vegetables, lean meats, cheese, nonfat milk, beans, and fruits. It isn't very different from the way I'd been eating, sans the junk food.

To date, I've lost 16 lbs on the SB diet and 21 lbs total. My goal is to lose another 15 lbs, for a total of 36 lbs.

I have always exercised. I have many exercise DVDs and videos. My favorites are The Firm and Tae Bo. I'm pretty active chasing my kids around and constantly cleaning the house, but for me, turning 40 seemed to slow my metabolism to zero. The SB diet has seemed to kick up my metabolism and allow me to lose weight I've been hanging onto for years.

Today, I went back on Phase I which consists of vegetables, eggs, beans, lean meat, and cheese because my son is getting married in September and I want to lose as much weight as I can before then. I'm hoping to lose 2-3 lbs by next Monday.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with cheese, water.
Lunch: salad with ranch dressing, water.
Snack: almonds, string cheese, water

I plan to post a before and after picture when I hit my goal because the before picture is just too embarrassing.

Here's to attaining weight loss goals to enjoy better health and activity.


Lourie said...

Are we cut from the same cloth!? Seriously, I was a little heavy in high school, tho I don't think anyone called me names. I lost 50 pounds with WW when I was 20 and kept it off for 12 years. I worked darn hard. Then I stopped the work had baby number three and know how it goes. You are doing great! I look forward to seeing the result. I also have to add, that if my daughter knew of your animals she would love you forever. She loves...LOVES animals.

JustRandi said...

All right Rebecca! You are doing it, and I am SO impressed!

em said...

finished your book two nights ago. on vacation, will post review on my blog late next week. LOVED it. made me miss byui and dating my husband before we got engaged SOOOOOO much!!! and my crazy roommates of course;-)

me and you plus two said...

I love SB! You will do great. It is just such a healthier way to eat. My advice, allow a "cheat day" so you can look forward to that. I lost 26lbs doing SB LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Small House said...

Good for YOU!!! You must do A LOT of running around with 10 children. AMAZING is what you must be.

I think we all have a FEW extra pounds that we could loose. I have MORE than a few.
Have a good day.

Valerie Ipson said...

Good job. I've been contemplating that no junk food thing as I sit here eating Hershey Nuggets. maybe yu can inspire me. What do you eat for dinner?

Becky said...

I just lost 42 pounds with weight watchers--it was slow going, but ultimately worth it. I think the slowness of it has helped me to develop good habits.

Best of luck with your weight loss!

Rebecca Talley said...
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Rebecca Talley said...

Thank you all for your support--I appreciate it. We've been on vacation and I'm afraid to get on the scale!

I'm glad to hear about success stories, especially on the SB diet.