Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy

I have never, ever agreed with Ted Kennedy's politics. In fact, I have never agreed with any of the Kennedys or their agendas. I wasn't born when JFK was assassinated and I've never been mesmerized by that or "Camelot." I think the press glamorized the Kennedy family, making them bigger-than-life, and never held them to the same moral compass as others have been held to.

I also found it ironic that Ted Kennedy was working so hard to pass healthcare legislation that would more than likely deny care to the elderly who suffer from a brain tumor. He was elderly when he was diagnosed and was receiving top-notch medical care that in the healthcare bill wouldn't be available to citizens under the same circumstances.

I have never supported his social agenda and believe that the bills he sponsored, co-sponsored, and many that he signed were, and still are, detrimental to our country.

Having said all of that, I do feel sadness for his family at his passing. No matter how we might disagree with someone else, he still has family and friends that love him and will miss him. And, we are all children of God.

I send my sympathies and hope his family will feel comforted as they mourn his passing.


Becky said...

Very well stated. The Kennedy family must be very sad what with two recent deaths in their family.

Lourie said...

Beautifully stated.

Laura Lynn said...

I ran into your blog today and I enjoyed reading this post. I didn't always agree with Senator Kennedy but I also don't agree with many Republicans.

One thing I do like about the Kennedys is that they champion the poor. One of the Kennedy kids has an organization that helps the elderly with their oil heating in the cold winters of the NE. Heating is very expensive out here and John Jr. gave huge amounts of money toward education to help kids out of poverty.

I do think the healthcare system needs an overhaul to keep the big business of insurance in line. A public option is necessary. If the Republicans force the administration to drop it, we could have a mandate on health insurance, making the insurance companies very happy and more rich, which in turn, makes it look like the Republicans are siding with insurance companies again.

That would be bad for everyone else. Kind of like how you'll be fined for not having car insurance. Without a public option it would be a mandate, and waht if you could be fined for not having healthcare- Just like car insurance. Scary.

I had the unfortunate experience of sitting in on meetings where I saw the ugly side of healthcare. I also like politics - so sorry for the long post! Thanks!

em said...

i suck! i still haven't posted my book review. it's coming!

Camilla said...

Well said. I don't agree with Kennedy's politics, but in the big scheme of things we probably have more in common as 'humans' than we have differences.