Monday, July 13, 2009

Peace Amidst the Wickedness of the World

We talked about signs of the times yesterday in Sunday school and whether we should be worried and fearful of what is yet to come before the Savior reigns once more.

The world continues to embrace wickedness. We hear rumors of legislation that threatens our freedom of religion and freedom of speech. We're constantly bombarded with the worldly message that evil is good and good is evil. Wars continue to rage, morals decline, and righteousness is degraded through all mediums.

While we may get caught up in worrying about all that's happening in the world, it's best to focus on our own individual lives and our families and make sure we are living the gospel so that no matter when the Savior comes again, we will be ready. And, while we wait for His coming, we can still find peace and happiness in mortality.

True peace, joy, and happiness comes through living the gospel and following the Savior Jesus Christ.

There simply is no other way.


me and you plus two said...

it it so easy to be frightened by the wickedness, a tool satan has at his disposal for sure. I love the promise that if we turn that fear into faith, we can feel peace. thanks for you blog. HAve you read "The Peacegiver?" I think it should be required reading personally.

me and you plus two said...

can you read what I wrote on my blog. I would love your input. I fill confused, and you seem to be intuned.

me and you plus two said...

Thank you...I am gaining a new understanding of Christ's atonement. A deeper graditude. Thank you for your example and taking the time to respond.