Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Grandma Fears Her Future

My grandmother is in the hospital as a result of a minor stroke. She's an amazing woman who is still vibrant and mentally sharp. We discuss politics, religion, current affairs, and anything else that happens to pop into our conversation. She's an excellent conversationalist and I enjoy our visits.

The other day she expressed her fear of the new healthcare reform proposed by President Obama. She's afraid that with the new directives she won't receive any care and will be left to die. I wanted to reassure her that she'd receive whatever medical care she might require in the future, but I couldn't. The fact is, she won't.

According to this 1000+ page document, after age 65 citizens will receive end-of-life counseling on how to end their lives instead of receiving treatment for their ailments. For example, a man age 65 who needs a knee replacement and has worked all of his life paying into medicare and social security will be denied while a 20-something illegal immigrant who hurt his knee running the border will receive the knee replacement. How fair is that?

The new healthcare reform not only includes abortion but defines it as needed healthcare. What? How can an abortion be determined as healthcare? In most cases, it's birth control. Not only will our government be encouraging women to kill their innocent babies, they'll be forcing us as American citizens to fund the slaughter.

This healthcare reform will also prohibit private insurance. My husband has worked hard for over 20 years to provide for our family and to maintain benefits, including health insurance and now the government wants to take it away because somehow we don't deserve it anymore.

So, my grandmother is justified in her fear of what this healthcare reform will do to her, and to us as a nation. Our once superior healthcare will be replaced by mediocre care, and only if the government deems that you qualify. This reform will deny life to the unborn and the elderly.

And, the politicians will not be required to take part in the national healthcare--they'll have their own system. Isn't it ironic that Ted Kennedy who is pushing this reform is benefiting from the very care he'll be denying citizens his age as he fights a brain tumor?

Call your representatives, email them, mail them, but let them know that we not only value the life of the unborn, but we also care about our older citizens and that we do not want socialized medicine.

Here's a link to all the addresses of our government representatives: http://www.conservativeusa.org/mega-cong.htm . Perhaps, if we work together we can stop this legislation before it destroys our country, and our lives.

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Sue said...

Good post, and these are some of my concerns as well.