Thursday, April 2, 2009

American Idol

Some of the performances on Tuesday night were amazing. I loved Danny Gokey's performance. Rascal Flatts is one of my very favorite groups and I love the song, What Hurts the Most. It's such an emotional song anyway, but even more so knowing Danny recently lost his wife. As soon as he started the song I had tears rolling down my cheeks. He did an excellent job.

I also loved Kris Allen's performance. He blew me away. He's consistently performed well the last few weeks. I really like his voice.

Scott MacIntyre also did very well. "Just the Way You Are" is an all-time favorite song of mine and he did a great job on it. He's so talented on the the piano.

I wasn't surprised that Megan Joy was sent home last night. She has a unique voice and she's beautiful, except I hate that huge tattoo all over her arm, but I didn't care for her performances over the last few weeks.

I wish Lil Rounds would choose a Mariah Carey song. She has such a powerful and beautiful voice but she keeps choosing songs that seem to hide her voice. I keep hoping she'll choose a song that will really showcase her voice.

I also like Matt Giraud. I think he has a great voice and he's an amazing pianist.

As you can tell, I'm addicted to American Idol. I love to watch people share their talents and then watch them improve each week. I'm always a sucker for a talent show.

And, it's always interesting to see what outfit Paula will come up with next. Will it have a feather or just look like a tutu? Oh, and it's fun to see if Simon can be even more arrogant than the week before.


To Visit My said...

your blog is very good......

me and you plus two said...

I am a huge fan of american Idol as well..this year I think my favorite is danny...anyway we'll be watching together! love your blog