Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Heaven Scent Blog Tour

First, some great news: Deseret Book will carry Heaven Scent. Woo hoo!

As I mentioned at the end of a previous post anyone who is interested in doing a blog tour for my book is invited to participate. I'd love to get the word out as much as possible.

I'd like to do the tour in June. If you'd like to participate:

1. Email me at rebecca@rebeccatalley.com and provide me with your snail mail address so I can send you my book (free, of course). Also, let me know what date(s) in June works best for you.

2. On your tour date, please post a review, a link to my blog and website, and an interview with me. You can send the questions to rebecca@rebeccatalley.com. I can also provide you with an image of my cover if you'd like to include that.

3. I will post a schedule of blogs that will be hosting me and will provide links to each blog.

That's about it. Woo hoo to the person that thought up blog tours. Since I don't live in a predominantly LDS area (okay, an area that hardly knows that the LDS Church exists) doing a live book tour would be difficult. I'm grateful I can do it in cyberspace and I especially appreciate all of you who have already volunteered to participate. Thank you :)

This will be fun!!


Tamra Norton said...

YAY about DB and your book. That's fantastic news!!!

Marcia Mickelson said...

Hi Rebecca. I'd love to help on your blog tour. I already have your book. Now, I just have to read it. Things are a bit crazy right now, and we're probably moving the first part of June. So, maybe I could do it toward the end of June. I think we'll be settled by then.

Annette Lyon said...

YES! So glad to hear the big news about DB. Congrats!

Annette Lyon said...

YES! So glad to hear the big news about DB. Congrats!

Karlene said...

That's great news about DB picking you up.