Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Lost Tooth

The other day I noticed that my youngest son's tooth was loose. I figured it'd be a few days or a week before it was ready to come out.

Apparently, I was wrong.

 When I went to pick him I learned that he'd lost it at school. He'd gone out to recess and was crying about his tooth. His friend (pictured below) reached into his mouth and yanked the tooth out.

And because they are both first graders, they lost the tooth on the playground.

Thankfully, the teacher came to the rescue, and after a search, they found the tooth. The teacher then put it in a tissue in her pocket. When she got to the classroom, she accidentally threw the tissue with his tooth into the trash. After another search, this time through the trashcan, his teacher located the tooth. My son has been proudly showing everyone his smile, minus his tooth.

Now, if only the tooth fairy can make time, and remember, to come visit, he'll be thrilled with a shiny new quarter.

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