Thursday, May 22, 2014


Do you love to read? Are you looking for some awesome books at discounted prices? Then you'll be interested in this ENORMOUS event for readers! Fantastic, clean novels in every genre by your favorite authors!

Don't miss out on this amazing event! Tell your friends! Come visit Bookmarked Bargains. Register to win a Reader's Party Pack.

Reader’s Party Pack: $160 value. Designed for readers. Organize your electronic library full of fantastic adventures in a chic *messenger bag. Are you always on the go? Sneak a peek at the cliffhanger from your latest book while exercising or cooking dinner when you use a handy *ebook stand. Stay up reading in bed with a *fuzzy blanket (choose your own color), a *stackable pillow, a mug of *hot chocolate, *a big bag of M&Ms, and a *reading light. Everything a reader needs to enjoy a good book!

3 Day SALE! Ebooks by your favorite authors at great prices. Visit Bookmarked Bargains to find romance, historical fiction, suspense, fantasy. Whatever genre you like to read, we have a bargain for you!

My book, Imperfect Love, is also on sale for $.99.

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