Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Blog Tour: Imperfect Love

I'm so excited. My blog tour starts today. A schedule of the tour is posted here.

Here is an excerpt from a review posted today:

Imperfect Love really grabs the reader's emotions and I was completely attuned to how Lauren felt in her relationship with her husband.  Then when she finds out the news about her pregnancy, Talley does a wonderful job of capturing every emotion that Lauren goes through. Talley really packs strong emotions and feelings into this book!  

You can read the rest here at Books are Sanity.

If you have a chance and want to visit any of the blogs, please do so. You can read reviews, interviews with me, guest posts from me, and find out other (hopefully) interesting things about me.

I really love this book. If you'd like to purchase it, it would be awesome if you purchased it during the blog tour. I'm hoping to get enough sales to get my book in some of the lists at Amazon so it will receive even more exposure.

Thank you for your interest and support! I appreciate it. Word-of-mouth is by far the best form of advertising.

Purchase Imperfect Love here.

Stay tuned to begin reading the first chapter on March 24th.

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