Monday, January 20, 2014

Indie Author Resources Blog Fest

indie resources blog fest

I published my first four books with traditional publishers. I submitted the manuscripts and waited to hear if they were accepted or not. After acceptance, I worked with editors a bit. I had no say in the cover design. In fact, I loved one of my covers but was concerned about it before publication. After publication, that book was not carried in bookstores because of the cover. In essence, I was punished because of the cover designer's choice and I had no option but to accept my book wouldn't be carried in bookstores. I couldn't change covers or make any edits to that cover I also had no say in the release date, and I was responsible for almost all of the marketing. I loved publishing traditionally, but decided I wanted to try it on my own. Others I knew had made the plunge, do I dove in as well. I'm still learning about indie publishing every day, but I have found an excellent cover designer I want to recommend.

Karlene Browning at LibrisPro designed the cover for my book, Aura. Here's a link to that cover and the back cover. She did a fantastic job and really captured the essence of my main character and the feeling of the story. She is so easy to work with and her prices are very reasonable. She has designed other covers and is very tech-savvy. She's honest and dependable and works quickly.

Here's a link to her portfolio.

Here's the link to her website.

You can go here and find other professionals involved in this blog fest.

Welcome to indie publishing!


Karlene said...

Thanks so much for the shout out. I really appreciate it.

Jordan McCollum said...

Thanks for participating, Rebecca! Karlene's covers are great!