Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lunar Love Giveaway Hop

2nd Annual
Lunar Love Giveaway Hop
March 8th to 13th
Hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer & Bookworm Lisa

This hop features books with paranormal, supernatural, science fiction or space travel element or books that have something to do with the moon or have a moon on their cover.

Welcome to the Lunar Love Giveaway Blog Hop. I will be giving away a copy of my YA paranormal, Aura. The winner may choose a print copy or the ebook
"I half-turned to her and shrugged, still processing what I'd seen, or at least what I thought I'd seen, in Ms. Neal's eyes—like they weren't hers. Obviously, they were her eyes, but it looked like she'd plucked them from someone else's head. A dead someone else's head."

In the fight between good and evil, Light is your only weapon.

Crystal Scott finally feels like a normal teenager. She has a lead in the high school play, a best friend, and a gorgeous boyfriend. With prom only a few days away, Crystal’s ordinary life seems perfect.

Endowed with great Light because of her virtuous choices and her inherent gifts, Crystal’s aura has become visible to those with the ability to see auras. Unfortunately, her power has also attracted the attention of demons intent on destroying all Light.

When Vincent Crandall, the human host for a powerful demon, discovers that Crystal’s Light is strong enough to disrupt the connection between demons and their hosts, he realizes she may be able to sever the connection altogether. Determined to stop her from interfering with his plans to rule the world, he sends operatives to neutralize her.

Crystal is thrust into battle against a demon army she didn’t even know existed. With the help of a mysterious young man and his mother, Crystal must learn to use the power within her before the demons kill her parents and Vincent harnesses her Light for himself.

To enter the giveaway you can:

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Each one is worth one entry. If you do all five, you have five entries :). I will pick a winner using on February 28th.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you've done or email me: rebecca(AT)rebeccatalley(DOT)com.

Good luck and thanks for hopping with us. Please hop on over to the following blogs for a chance to win some fantastic prizes!


Evette Torres said...

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Added Aura on Goodreads

Melody said...

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Suz said...

Thanks for this amazing giveaway! This book sounds great and I would love to win it!
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Anonymous said...

1. Follow this blog -- Followed by GFC :)
2. Like my Facebook page -- Was already liked ;)
3. Follow me on Twitter: rebeccatalley -- Have been for a few days now :) @HarleyQuinnPhD
4. Join my newsletter -- Done!
5. Add Aura on Goodreads. -- TBR = <3

This was super simple since I already had some of them done! Hehe :)

Susan Broughton said...

I did all of the following:
1) Follow your blog via GFC- elaineb1
2) "liked" yourefacebook with
3)followed you via Twitter-@susanelaineb
4) Joined newsletter with
5) Added your book to Goodreads with
Thanks for the chance to win!!

Annah Schoonover said...

I did all 5!
GFC Annah Schoonover
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Twitter @annahschoonover

RIN said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

2. FB: Rin Nelson
3. FTwitter: @realityisnovel
4. newsletetr realityisnovel at g mail dot com
5. GR: Reality is Novel (realityisnovel)

Book Attict said...

Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
elizabeth @ bookattict . com
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CBarton said...

Following gfc - Cynthia Barton
F/B Cindy Mucha Barton
Newsletter - Goodreads TBR list - Cindy Barton

Thank you for the chance.

bn100 said...

signed up for newsletter
added book on Goodreads


Darlene said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I did all five.

1. Follow this blog on GFC (Darlene)

2. Like your Facebook page (Darlene's Book Nook)

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4. Join your newsletter (darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com)

5. Add Aura on Goodreads (on my wishlist:

darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com

Holly U said...

I follow via GFC: Holly U
And Twitter: @skizzles22

Kimberly Barban said...

I follow via GFC and FB under Kimberly Barban
Goodreads friend under Kim Barban
Thank you for the giveaway!

Allysa said...

1. Follow this blog. - GFC, Allysa
2. Like my Facebook page - done
3. Follow me on Twitter: rebeccatalley - done
4. Join my newsletter - done
5. Add Aura on Goodreads. - done

wwe11 said...

I liked on fb-erma hurtt.

Beppe DM said...

Like FB: Beppe DM

Meghan said...

I follow via GFC: Meghan Stith
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mestith at gmail dot com

Emily L. Moir-Genther said...

Following via GFC, on Facebook and Twitter. Added Aura to my Goodreads shelf.


Alexju said...

Like on FB: Alex Updegraft
Goodreads: Alexandria
subscribed: ajupde91(at)gmail(dot)com
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thank you for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Follow on FB - Bonnie Hilligoss
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Thanks for joining the hop!
Bonnie Hilligoss/

Lisa Vazquezanzua said...

Thank you so much for a chance to win and for being a part of this fun and awesome blog hop!!

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Rain Jeys said...

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Thank you!

Ashley E said...

Thanks so much for the giveaway!

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Krysykat said...

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