Monday, December 10, 2012

Aura is $.99 This Week

In celebration of the release of my newest novel, Aura, it's on sale for $.99 at Amazon for the Kindle.

If you'd like to read it but don't own a Kindle, you can download the free app from Amazon that allows you to read Kindle books on your computer. Go here to download that app.

If you prefer to read print books (and who doesn't love how a real book feels in your hands?) Aura is now available in a print version.

I sincerely appreciate your help and support in spreading the word about Aura. Word-of-mouth is THE best and most effective way to advertise a book. So, thank you to all of you who have read it and recommended it. And, thank you to those of you who have posted reviews.

Being an author is like walking around naked. You bare your soul because each book is an extension of who you are, what you believe, and how you view the world. Yes, the stories are fictional, but the way each author tells his or her story is very personal and based on his or her life's experiences. Every time I publish a book, it's like sending my child out to the world to be judged. It's exciting and stressful at the same time. Sometimes, I think it'd be easier to be a brain surgeon. Or a rocket scientist. And yet, I can't not do it. I can't not write the stories in my head that are begging to be released.

Thank you again for your support!

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