Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Day in the Life

When my son was born and then diagnosed with Down syndrome I was worried he'd be a blob. So wrong. So, so wrong. Last week he decided it would be fun to shove a toy in the drain of the bathroom sink. And then turn the water on. Yep, water overflowed the sink and there was about an inch of water on the floor. We ended up removing the entire drain to take the toy out and replacing it with a new drain. While we were at our speech therapy appointment, the therapist left her phone on the table. My son quickly got into her text messaging and sent texts to her friends. I'd meant to warn her not to ever leave her phone within his grasp because he's an electronics whiz. (His favorite is to call 911, so I was relieved he hadn't done that). Yesterday, I took some leftovers out to our dog. When I came back to the house, my son had locked me out of our glass door (and all the other doors were locked). He stood there, grinning and laughing. I asked him to open the door. No way. Begged him. Not a chance. Bribed him with a treat. No dice. Told him he was in trouble. He simply laughed and left me fuming on the front porch. Thankfully, one of my other kids was inside and finally let me in after about ten minutes of standing there. Last night, I had to go to town to take my older son to repair his braces. We stopped at Walmart to get a few things. I called home. Who picked up the phone? My youngest son. He proceeded to "talk" to me. I asked him to take the phone to someone else. He said no. I begged him. Not a chance. Bribed him with a treat. No dice. Told him he was in trouble. Again, he laughed and kept going on and on in gibberish. I finally hung up. A blob? Not even close. Just a day in the life with my son.

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Lolawid said...

This just made me laugh!! Dang kids!! ;o)