Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School Blues

Why is it that the summer just whizzes past every year? I look so forward to summer so I can hang out with my kids.

We went to the pool several times this summer. Every time we go to the outdoor pool it makes me think of "The Sandlot." If you've seen that movie, I love the scene where they go to the pool and one of the boys plots to get a kiss from the beautiful, and much older, lifeguard so he pretends to drown in the pool. While she gives him mouth-to-mouth he kisses her. She then kicks him and his buddies out of the pool. "The Sandlot" is such a summer movie and we watch it every year.

I love hanging out at the pool because it reminds me of being a little girl. I grew up in Santa Barbara, CA and when we weren't at the beach we were at a pool. I spent the entire summer in a swimsuit. I loved the smell of chlorine on my skin because it meant I'd been swimming in the pool. I love swimming, I love being outside, and I love summer.

The best thing about summer, though, is having my kids home. I love hanging out with my kids. During the school year I feel like I hardly even get to see them. The oldest ones leave before 6:00 am and the rest leave at 6:40 am and most of them aren't home until after 5:00 pm. Then there's all the activities during the school year like cheerleading, Scouts, piano, basketball, theater. Summer is my time to just be with them and I'm always sad when they go back to school. I can't believe how fast time goes by. I spend all the time I can with my kids and I still feel like I don't get enough time with them.

So, yeah, I sing the "Back to School Blues" every year at this time.


Stephanie Abney said...

Nice post. Loved your comment, "I spent the entire summer in a swimsuit." I did too, growing up in Southern California. Well, more time for writing, eh? You are a marvel with all you get done, with or without the kids around. Cheers!!

Julie said...

I feel the same way! I never understand my Mommy friends who are excited when school starts up. I'm always a bit sad. But I guess that means I genuinely enjoy being with my children. I'm glad that I "get it."

And I love Santa Barbara!

Rebecca Talley said...

Thank you, Stephanie.

Julie, I don't understand it either. I'd rather have my kids home. Sometimes, I even keep them home just to hang out with me--shhh, don't tell anyone :).