Friday, September 30, 2011

Writing Ups and Downs

First, for a writing "up." The cover for The Upside of Down is on a Goodreads list of breath taking covers of 2011. If you like this cover and want to vote for it here is the link Thanks!

Now, for a writing "down." I wrote a short ebook Hook Me: What to Include in Your First Chapter to help aspiring writers know what to include in a first chapter. It's based on my experience reading many, many first chapters from novice writers. I placed it on Kindle and on Smashwords for $.99. Earlier this week, someone posted a very negative reviewon Amazon giving it 2 stars and warning people to stay away. The reviewer even said that after reading the entire book he/she asked for a refund of the $.99. Others who've read the book then posted 5-star reviews. Interestingly enough, the 2-star reviewer changed his/her rating to 1-star and then another very negative review popped up with another 1-star. Bad reviews are nothing new, but this one seems odd, almost as if the reviewer(s) is on a personal vendetta or crusade to stop people from purchasing my ebook. I have no idea what sparked such a response nor how my book might have offended the reader(s). It's been interesting to watch and disappointing that someone would be on such a crusade to stop every potential reader from purchasing the book simply because he/she didn't find it valuable. I don't understand it. The reviews are here if you want to read them

Writing makes me feel bi-polar at times. Up one minute, down the next. Some days I feel like quitting and never writing another word and other days I feel like there will never be enough time to write all that's in my head and heart. Quite the strange business. I've often thought it would be easier to be a brain surgeon, but as my friend Josi Kilpack pointed out, you can't continually revise a brain surgery you have to actually get it right the first time.  Guess I'll stick to writing.


John Waverly said...

It's entirely possible that the negative review had nothing to do with your writing. Unscrupulous people can buy reviews: they can buy good reviews for their books and bad reviews of others. It's sad, immoral, and a violation of policy, but it happens all the time. That probably doesn't make you feel better. You're a good writer. Congrats on the cover.

Lolawid said...

Wow! Those were pretty harsh! Sorry about that. I do love your cover and the Upside of Down! Thanks!