Monday, August 2, 2010

Thunder and Lightning

Last night we had an amazing lightning storm. It was as if we were in the heart of the whole storm because we had lightning flashes on all sides of our house. We turned out the lights so we could see the awesome display. Thankfully, we'd unplugged all of our electronics so we didn't have any losses. There was certainly a lot of power in that storm. It made me realize how very little control we have of the world around us. Should  lightning have struck our house there would've been nothing we could've done about it. We, as mortals, are no match for the power of God displayed through nature. The people of Noah's time must've realized that as well, but far too late.

The thunder scared my kids. My four-year-old was terrified by the loud booms. Every time we saw lightning, the kids would start counting so they'd know how far away it was. We decided to have a slumber party in our living room so everyone could be "safe."

We also has quite a downpour. We live in an area that tends to be dry so when we get a lot of rain we're happy. Some are even happy when we get a lot of snow, but I wouldn't count myself in that group. I love to see the snow fall, especially at Christmas, but I don't like it at all on the roads and I definitely don't enjoy getting stuck in my driveway. But, I love the rain. I love the smell of it, the feel of it on my face. I love to see how everything greens up after a rainstorm.

Watching this storm also gave me plot ideas for my current work-in-progress. I love when that happens!

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Steve said...

I love a good storm. Here in Missouri we really get some doozies.

By the way, I had to chuckle at your disclaimer at the bottom of the blog. Gotta love Uncle Sam :>)