Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Love Nintendo

A few weeks ago, we lost our Wii when a lightning storm hit too close to our house. We also lost phone service, access to the internet, and thought we'd lost  a flat screen computer monitor. The first summer we lived here, lightning hit so close to the house that we lost our garage door openers, a TV, it messed up our dryer, and we lost the electric line to our water pump which meant we had no water. The water issue put us in a crisis and we had to hire someone to dig up the electric line and replace it so we'd have running water.  Lightning and I are not great friends.

But, we've learned that when lightning is in the area, we need to shut down and unplug all electronics. My kids were in the process of doing this when we lost these items in the last lightning storm. Since then, the phone company restored our service, the internet company came in and replaced the power supply at no charge, and, thankfully, the monitor works.

We were upset about losing the Wii because we use it every day with "Just Dance." We also use it to stream movies from Netflix--a very cool feature. We researched buying a new one, buying a console from ebay, and decided we'd try to repair it. The guy at the repair shop told me to contact Nintendo and see if the company would repair it. Honestly, I didn't think Nintendo would since it was a lightning storm. I went to the website, filled out the form with the serial number and was told to ship it to Nintendo for a free repair. I was surprised and ecstatic.

That was 10 days ago and today we received the Wii back, not only fixed, but with an additional 1-year warranty. I LOVE Nintendo. What a great company. Guess what will happen in the future? I'll be buying more Nintendo games. In fact, I've already purchased 2 new games--one called "Broadway Dance" and another that's kind of a charades-type game--you act out movie scenes.

I  highly recommend Nintendo. I'm a lifetime customer, that's for sure!


kbrebes said...

That is so cool, Rebecca! I'm glad to hear Nintendo treated you well. I love reading about your life because it's so different from mine! : )

Marsha Ward said...

Would a lightning protection system (lightning rods) help? There was an article in the local paper about them on Friday. Interesting.

Cathy Witbeck said...

Rebecca,I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award for having a fun informative blog. For further details, check my blog.