Friday, February 26, 2010

Dawn's Early Light by L.C. Lewis

Free Men and Dreamers: Dawn's Early Light
L.C. Lewis

Back Cover:

This third volume of LC Lewis’s War of 1812 historical fiction epic, Free Men and Dreamers, covers the British offensive against Washington D.C. Once Napoleon is subdued, and despite the commencement of peace negotiations, Britain unleashes her triumphant European conquerors on America. And their primary target? Washington. While attentions turn to the defense of the Capital, mercenaries threaten the Winding Willows and White Oak plantations, forcing enemies to become allies, fighting side-by-side with freed slaves to defend their homes and families. Mere miles away, the Capital’s defense now rests predominantly upon citizen soldiers and a most unlikely naval force—a rag-tag fleet called the Chesapeake flotilla—and the men who built it. But Britain’s house is also divided over the war, as the cost mounts in blood and money. Experience the pain and passion of five families—American, slave and British—as they endure the three darkest days of American history—the week when Washington burned.

About the Author:

Laurie (LC) Lewis was born and raised in rural Maryland, surrounded by history-rich Philadelphia, Washington and Baltimore. While raising her family there, Laurie began building a portfolio of short stories, novels and plays. She developed a love of research during a seven-year stint as a science-education facilitator in the Carroll County Public School System. As her children left home she turned her attentions to writing full time and employed her research skills to flesh out her work with the vivid locales and colorful people she and her husband Tom continue to meet on their frequent travels. She now combines all her loves: history, people, family and interesting locations to produce family and historical dramas for her readers. Dawn’s Early Light is Laurie’s fourth published novel—(Unspoken, 2004; Dark Sky at Dawn, 2007; Twilight’s Last Gleaming, 2008)—the third in her Free Men and Dreamers Series.

To find out more about L.C. (Laurie) Lewis check out her website.

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Thanks for the introduction to LC Lewis and her latest novel. It sounds very compelling.