Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Crayon Messages by Christine Thackeray

From the back cover:

Cath Reed has been feeling desperately lonely. With a husband away, a daughter on the brink and adjusting to her new ward, she hopes her new visiting teaching route will bring much needed companionship.

Then she finds out she has been given the hardest visiting teaching route ever. At least her companion Gwen seemed nice, an older woman in a nursing home who said no one had visited her in years.

Using this to her advantage, Cath calls her new sisters and convinces them to cheer Gwen up. Surprisingly most agree but when Cath arrives at the Pleasant Valley Home for the Elderly she is disappointed to find Gwen fast asleep.

Apparently Gwen has a sleeping disorder called KSL and no one knows when she will wake up- it could be weeks.

Armed with a bucket of crayons and a handful of paper, Cath convinces the sisters to write Gwen notes so when she does wake up, she'll know some cares. What no one guessed is that Gwen would write back and change all of these women's lives forever.

You can purchase The Crayon Messages by clicking here.

You can learn more about Christine here.


Cathy Witbeck said...

What an interesting idea for a book. It sounds intriguing. Thanks for the review, Rebecca.

Michele Ashman Bell said...

I agree, this book sounds so interesting. I plan on adding it to my "must read" pile!

And thank you for agreeing to read and review my book "Summer in Paris." I really appreciate it!