Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Heart Hurts

I learned that a woman I love passed away today from breast cancer. She was such a good person and treated me with so much kindness. I loved to be around her and her vibrant spirit. Her daughter and I served together in YW and then in Primary. She was our in-service leader for Primary and I always enjoyed her lessons. She loved to laugh and whenever she entered the room it brightened just from her presence. I will miss her.

I get the whole mortality thing, that we all have a time to live and a time to die, but that doesn't make it any easier when someone you love leaves mortality. I still miss my father, mother, grandparents, sister-in-law, and friends that have passed away. I guess it's meant to be that way. Maybe it's how we feel in the pre-existence when others are born into mortality.

Death is as much a part of the plan as birth. Mortality is a probationary, temporary time of testing to see if we'll choose to follow the Savior. How we live in mortality determines how we'll live in eternity. I have a testimony of this and of the plan. I have no doubt that my friend is in a better place and she no longer suffers from her physical afflictions.

But today my heart hurts.


Karen Hoover said...

I'm sorry, Rebecca. I understand that pain and my heart is with you. (((hugs)))

A Farmer's Wife said...

I am so sorry for your loss! Our mortal life is a precious time. I become more convinced on a daily basis that living to our fullest potential is the only way to happily greet the other side! Your friend sounds like an amazing woman!

Lourie said...

I couldn't agree more, that when we were in the pre existence that we were sad when our brothers and sisters left us. And oh the joyous shouts here on earth when that little spirit comes to us. And oh our sadness when they leave us. The joy they must receive when they return home.

I am sorry for your loss. (((hugs))) Yes, her pain is gone. She has been greeted with love and open arms.