Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Memorable Graduation

Our graduation started with a nice rain storm. Thankfully, it didn't include lightning and thunder. Then, my youngest daughter felt sick and barfed all over the guy sitting in front of us just before my graduate was about to receive her diploma. My sister and her husband saved the day and whisked my little daughter to the bathroom so I could see my other daughter graduate. Yes, it was memorable--it was the rainy, barfy graduation.

This is my daughter's group of friends dubbed "The Fab Five." They performed together in the plays, hung out together, and had classes together. A really fun group of kids. I'll miss them.

My daughter with her cousin who graduated a few days earlier from another high school. They've grown up together. My sister sent out a similar photo when my nephew graduated and everyone wanted to know if they were dating. They both thought that was the most disgusting idea ever--definitely not kissing cousins.

My graduation count: 3 down, 7 to go.

All in all, even with the rain and barfing, it was a wonderful ceremony and an exciting end to their high school careers.

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Lynn said...

What a happy event...congrats...we have a son who graduated in May !

Thank you also for visiting my blog and leaving such sweet's the fuel for my blogging LOL